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Therapeutic Play Center

Sensory Overload Project

Is a unique way to involve children in a hands on social learning environment designed to help children recognize their uniqueness, promote positive behavior, maintain healthy relationships and embrace differences within their community.  

Helps children get used to new stimuli and help foster independence.

Sensory play stimulates a child's senses such as touch, sound, taste, sight, and smell.

Children will gradually have increased confidence not only during therapy but also at home and school.

Hi Julia!

Julia has autism. It makes her brain work a little different than some other kids.  It can make her scared of loud sounds, move her arms and legs over and over again and say the same thing repeatedly.

Autistic children, like Julia, have different strengths and weaknesses than a typical kid, but it does not make them any less special.

It's not

always easy

Blues Brothers understands the challenges parents, caregivers and educators face.

Let us help you.

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