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Blues Brothers:

Journey Through Autism

The never-ending journey of autism is a colorful, unique life that was chosen for Seth and Syrus. It’s a path that will continue to be filled with twists, turns, trials, and errors. 

My new normalcy has taught me there is so much more in life. I am stronger than I ever knew I was. I feel more prepared for the challenges to come. 

My experiences have compelled me to share my journey with others. I strive to promote my boys’ journey, my reality, and your awareness. I hope this book will be helpful for families adjusting to life with children on the spectrum. 

My boys are my life, my purpose, and the love I feel for them is unbreakable and eternal.          

- Sharonna Ford

For nearly a decade, Sharonna Ford has been committed to not only bringing awareness to autism but also developing innovative programming and creating safe spaces for play and learning. Mrs. Ford’s personal experience has been her greatest teacher. Having twin 7-year-old boys that are non-verbal with autism has shown her where the greatest needs exist for children with autism. 

Mrs. Ford has been a champion in her community bringing awareness to community leaders, local government, parents of children with autism and others by way of community events.

From autism walks to the completion of training and therapy sessions at Kennedy Krieger (Baltimore, MD) and the Sparks Group (New Carrollton, MD), Mrs. Ford maintains a keen understanding of trends, techniques and new technologies.


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Creating spaces for children to play

Providing resources and support for caregivers, parents and educators

Educating the community and peers with specific emphasis on bullying and pro social friendships

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